The treadmill turns off during exercise

There are several reasons why your treadmill might turn off during exercise. Among the main reasons are:

If you can walk on the treadmill but it shuts off during your workout, it's usually caused by a friction problem between the belt and the plate

  1. Poorly buckled belt: If the belt is not buckled correctly, it can come off or move during exercise.

  2. Motor malfunction: If the treadmill motor is damaged, it may turn off or fail during exercise.

  3. Control unit malfunction: If the treadmill control unit is damaged or malfunctioning, it can cause the treadmill to turn off during exercise.

  4. Sensor failure: If the treadmill sensor is damaged or failing, it may cause the control unit to malfunction and thus turn the treadmill off.

  5. Power problem: If the treadmill is not properly powered or there is a power outage, it may turn off during exercise.

In such a case, it would be advisable to check the tension of the belt, or contact an expert who will help you with diagnosis and repair.

We recommend lubricating the treadmill belt at least once a month to ensure proper operation and extend its life.

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