Should I clean the treadmill?

 Does my belt need cleaning?

The treadmill is a popular part not only of fitness centers, but also of many households. It provides a great way to relax, exercise and get in shape, as well as weight loss support. You can thus run or walk in any weather and set the load as you currently need or can manage.

The treadmill needs to be properly cared for so that it can serve for a long time and with quality, so you are probably asking yourself the question if your belt needs cleaning?

The suitable location of the treadmill is in a clean and dusty place. If the trainer is located in such a place, then maintenance is not complicated and dust and dirt will not be a big problem even during lubrication.

For cleaning, you can use special cleaners designed for this purpose, but with a clear conscience, only clean water and a nylon brush will do. Maintenance is simple and does not take much time, just like regular lubrication.

Removing dirt from the top of the belt reduces the heating of the belt and therefore the power requirements of the DC electrical system amplifier. This helps the engine control unit to work with the radiator in addition to the belt heat level.

Cleaning is important mainly because of the dynamics of the controlled system. Walking or running creates heat on the controlled system and with low friction the trainer will not work properly. You will feel this most when setting the function on an incline, where the treadmill will accelerate. This creates the aforementioned heat.

The combination of these phenomena and impurities on the top of the strip, which act as an insulator, results in an increase in the thermal constant. This leads to higher wear of the belt and various malfunctions that reduce all the comfort of daily use. However, you can prevent or eliminate them in time

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