The belt is slipping

The treadmill may be too loose.

  1. If you have recently made adjustments, lubricated or repaired the belt, if it is not properly tightened, it can slip.

  1. The belt can slip if it rubs too much or if the belt has recently been lubricated. If the lubricant does not help your problem and you have exhausted all other options, the belt is most likely worn and needs to be replaced.

  1. Follow these steps to adjust the belt:

  2. An excessively tight treadmill belt can increase the reinforcement of your treadmill, contribute to the separation of the seams on the treadmill, or both, so that the drive belt is not overloaded.

  3. As a general rule of thumb, you should be able to raise the band about 2" to 3" in the center on the side. It is true that if you can't raise it 2" to 3", the belt is too tight.

2) The drive belt between the motor and the front roller may slip.

a) All drive belts tend to wear out with age and if they are not properly aligned this will happen even faster. Tightening the drive belt according to the instructions in the owner's manual can prevent slippage, but is not recommended as it can damage expensive parts of the drive system - so it is better to replace the drive belt. Some models are designed with an improperly adjusted drive belt, so the treadmill can use the side load of the drive belt to reduce operating stress. These always wear out quickly.

b) Treating the drive belt with a belt bandage will help the drive belt slip and thus help prevent the drive belt from cracking and splitting.

c) If the drive belt continues to slip after these steps, it must be replaced.

d) A drive belt that extends too far can increase the amplifier gain of your treadmill, contribute to bearing failure in the motor or rollers, or both, so don't overtighten the drive belt.

3) The pulley on the front pulley may have lost its grip

  1. While the trainer is running, place a small, visible piece of colored tape on the belt surface and place the corresponding part on the cylindrical tube.

Turn the running trainer while carefully trying to see what happens when the belt drops.

If the drive belt and pulley continue to rotate and the stop belt and front roller stop, the pulley has lost its grip on the front roller. A line or band irregularity indicates that the pulleys and rollers are not rotating and a failure of the pulley holder. This can be fixed or you can replace the cylinder.

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